Installing Lightroom Presets and Plugins

There are several ways to install Plugins and Presets into Lightroom, here I will explain 2 alternatives. Click here to return to the Blog.

Installation Method 1:

Download file and unzip/expand. Open Lightroom and ‘right click’ on the ‘Presets’ box on the Develop page. Select ‘import’, find the Preset on your hard-drive (the extension for a Lightroom Preset is .lrtemplate) and click import. This is the easiest method of importing. One downside is that it will import the plugin into whichever folder you happened to be ‘right clicking’ on.

Installation Method 2:

Download file and unzip/expand. Launch Lightroom and click on ‘Preferences’ then ‘Presets’, then the ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’ button. This will open a folder with ‘Lightroom’ folder highlighted. Open the ‘Lightroom’ folder and then the ‘Develop Presets’ folder. Locate the expanded file from your hard-drive and drag the entire folder in. Be careful not to erase any previous Preset imports. You will need to restart Lightroom for your new Presets to appear.

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