New Years Eve Fireworks – Sydney 2012

Once again we’ve come to the end of another year and for most Sydney-siders that means one thing: FIREWORKS (it also means booze, but that’s not nearly as pretty or awesome).

Sydney Harbour has a reputation of having some of the best fireworks and pyrotechnics on display anywhere in the world. By incorporating well known icons such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, each year brings an unforgettable mix of noise and colour to the city.

2011/12 was no exception. With my commanding view of the Harbour, sturdy Manfrotto and both my cable release and infra-red remote (just in-case), I was ready.

Most of the shots are ISO 100, f9 for 6 seconds. I used 18-70mm and 10-20mm. Tried to shoot a 5 exposure HDR image halfway through the show. Won’t try that again.

However, the ‘almost’ 180 degree panorama of the City skyline came up very well indeed, click it to see a bigger version.

click to enlarge panorama

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