The Wedding of Megan & Murtaza (Mort)

Megan and Murtaza (Mort) were already married at this point, having done so in Mort’s homeland of India. However, a local ‘do’ was in order and I was called upon to shoot the day.

The Wedding was held in Newcastle, NSW, where Megan had grown up. Many of the attendees traveled far to be there, coming from overseas and interstate.

The lovely Church Wedding was preceded by some (difficult at times) group shots, at which point we headed off for some location shots.

This is where things got tricky. In no time at all the clouds had rolled over and the rain fell hard. Megan and Mort (M&M) braved the elements, but it just got too wet and windy and sadly many of our destinations were left unusable.

The Reception was at a local Surf Club which had been laid out beautifully. The rain continued pretty much all night, but a small break allowed us to quickly get outside and get some shots at the shark tower. An awesome rainbow even appeared, as if to say sorry.

Festivities continued into the night, despite the weather…………

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