The Wedding of Amber & Rydr

The sun was shining and the stage was set for an awesome day for the Wedding of Amber and Rydr. They had opted to have a Friday Wedding, as more couples are choosing to do. I started with the boys, making sure I let them go in plenty of time to get a round of golf in. I then spent a few hours with the girls. Amber looked stunning in her dress and the bridesmaids looked a treat in their pastel yellow dresses.

We arrived at the Church to find the place packed out with school kids, I mean everywhere. My first thought was that being a Friday, these kids had nothing better to do. Then it occurred to me, both Amber and Rydr are school teachers and these were their students. It was really quite cute.

The Ceremony was lovely and was followed by a trip to a local park for some photos down by the water. Not wanting to get stuck in peak time traffic, we headed off to the Reception venue. Thankfully the roads were fairly clear and we got to Panorama House at Bulli in good time. The wind had started to pick up so we made use of the time by getting some shots at the edge of the cliff overlooking Wollongong.

The reception was fun filled, the highlight for me being the cutting of the cake. Amber’s family have a long tradition of smashing the cake, so once the formalities of cutting it had been fulfilled, the entire Bridal party and a line of family each took turns to smash the cake with the knife. The end result was a severely broken cake which no one dared eat.

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