The Wedding of Vicki and David

It is with some pride that I can say I have never shot a Wedding that got completely rained out. Sure there’s been a brief shower here and there, but never anything that had to send a Wedding totally undercover.

The way things were looking, with the Wedding of Vicki and David, my record was soon to be tarnished.

It did rain (quite heavy too), but never at the wrong time! During the Ceremony (at the gorgeous Mount Annan Botanical Gardens) the rain held off until the very end, almost as if it was waiting for us to finish. It then ‘waited’ for us to finish the Photo Shoot, after that it pretty much hammered down for the rest of the night. By that time we didn’t care, we were indoors.

Vicki and David had organised a fantastic day. David, a member of Rocket Industries was big time into cars. Thus, a collection of very rare and expensive vehicles made up the procession.

The Reception at the Campbelltown Catholic Club was beautifully dressed, but the icing on the cake (literally), was the wonderful handmade caricatures of the happy couple.

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