The Wedding of Cath and Dale: Fraser Island (K’gari)

I’ve been to some fairly remote Weddings (San Stefanos anyone?). I’ve been to some pretty casual Weddings too. But nothing compares to the Wedding of Cath and Dale.

Fraser Island (originally named K’gari by the Aboriginals) was the location, and for those of you who have never been there, Fraser Island is famous for many things, including being the world’s largest sand Island, it’s amazing fresh water lakes and an abundance of Dingoes.

Once on Fraser, it took a half hour drive across the Island in 4WD’s, followed by a 2 hour drive up the beach to reach our final destination of Orchid Beach. Everyone was knackered, so it was a good thing the Wedding itself wasn’t for another 2 days.

The Wedding was on Orchid Beach itself. Dale stood with his 3 Groomsmen on the beach while Cath and her 7 Bridesmaids danced their way along the sand to join the boys under the following white banners.

The weather was amazing and the party kicked on well into the night…………….

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