The Wedding of Harley and Lauren Bolis

This is one Wedding I had been looking forward to for some time. Lauren and Harley were an awesome couple and I knew their day would be magic.

I first met with the boys and we fooled around outside for a bit (the Abbey Road thing worked so well I’ll probably add that to my routine) and then inside for a portrait session.

Arrived at the girls as the hair and make-up was coming to an end  and the Bridesmaid’s got kitted up in the spectacular blue dresses. Lauren looked gorgeous in her slim-fitted, backless and very saucy dress.

The Ceremony was held at the lovely St Matthew’s Church in Windsor. It was well illuminated within the Church, which is unusual. The biggest upside of this is that I can get away without using flash. The Priest got everyone engaged in some hand origami that I’m sure baffled most of attendees.

The Photo Session took place on a Private Residence not far from the Church. It featured an array of awesome locations and time just sped away. Old favourite, champagne spraying (Passion Pop, ok) got a workout, as did my new novelty, the empty picture frame. Expect to more of that.

Yarramundi House was the venue for the Reception and saw everyone indulging in plenty of Zorba Dancing.

3 thoughts on “The Wedding of Harley and Lauren Bolis

  1. Simon, AMAZING pics from a wonderful day–SENSATIONALLLLLL !!!
    many thanks from Paul & Litsa Papas

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