The Wedding of Morag and Nathan

Bright was the word of the day, extremely bright (and hot). Nathan and the boys reluctantly got in their suits for, but as soon as the final shot was taken they were out of them and back into shorts and t-shirts.

The girls were a bit cooler (though not much), and after the last of the hair and make-up had been completed everyone helped Morag into her dress and into the waiting Rolls Royce.

The Ceremony was held at the awesomely cute Little Bay Chapel, with amazing views over the ocean. An hour or so later, we were right down at the waters edge for the Photos. Despite being a gorgeous location, there was a huge amount of broken glass in the sand. This really slowed us down and fortunately nobody was injured. Squinting was the biggest problem we faced, but everyone soldiered on and we got some great shots.

After playing on the rocks for a while we heading into Sydney, to the Marriott Hotel. The Reception room was stunning, with plenty of fantastic table decorations.

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