Taronga Zoo, Sydney

I always enjoy a day out at the Zoo, especially when I’m armed and dangerous (with a big-ass zoom lens, that is). The day was extremely hot, so many of the animals were hidden under shade, including the Red Panda’s which are one of my faves.

When it comes to photographing animals I am particularly fussy. My biggest peeve is seeing anything resembling the enclosure in the frame. I always try to shoot in such a way the it looks as if it were taken in the wild. This obviously limits my shooting options and typically end up with close-ups. With the exception of the Baby Elephant, I reckon they all look pretty much un-Zoo!

The zoom lens performed admirably, I am constantly surprised by how quick it is to focus and how sharp it is. Even under difficult circumstances. The fact that both the Fishing Cat and Lions were all shot through glass is proof of this.

I am looking forward to getting out there again soon, hopefully on an overcast day. See if I can’t catch me a Panda or two. Check this space.

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