The Wedding of Mark and Lorraine

Some days are hot. Then again some days are HOT! Today was one of those days. 44c at one point!

I felt bad for poor Mark and the guys, I made them suit up more than 2 hours early and pose in the sun. I don’t seem to remember hearing any complaints from them, but I do have a bad memory.

I wasn’t nearly as harsh on Lorraine. For the most part all shots were taken in air-conditioned comfort. Once we got to the Church it was a different story.

I don’t know how they coped, my shirt was stuck to my back almost immediately. Never have I been so hot on a shoot, and I’ve shot in both Corfu and Tuscany at the height of Summer!

We left the Church and headed down to the Shore to get some great shots on the rocks. The blue sky was amazing, not a single cloud (with one exception) and some well received breeze.

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