Lilly and Sid: Kiddies Clothing Product Shoot

Today was a big shoot. Even I was unprepared as to just how long it would take.

The Client: Lilly and Sid

The Subject: Kiddies Clothing (lots)

The lighting set up was fairly easy, infact for the most part I got away with a single Monoblock  bounced off the roof. This provided nice, even lighting suitable for pretty much all of the subject matter.

Speaking of subject matter, there was plenty. Hats, toys, blankets, tops, bottoms, gift boxes and dresses. Everything is characteristic of Lilly and Sid’s bright, beautiful colours and their attention to detail. By the time I was done, I had photographed the entire collection. The images are to feature across Lilly and Sid’s promotional items including their website and brochure.

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