The Wedding of Chana and Brad

Welcome to one of the funnest Wedding ever: The Wedding of Chana and Brad.

I first met Chana while eavesdropping on a conversation between her and her mother while heading to the city on a train. I introduced myself and POW!, 8 months later was the big day.

Chana was after a Fairytale Wedding and organised to arrive in a wonderful horse drawn carriage from Unique Carriages. Brad on the other hand, turned up in a grunty V8. The Wedding and Reception took place at the brilliant Macquarie Links Golf Course.

The weather was fantastic, not too hot and slightly overcast. This was a god-send as the Wedding Ceremony was held outdoors on the grass. The rain did come, but it held off until all the important stuff was done and dusted.

Chana is a big fan of chocs and sweets, and made sure there was an abundance on the buffet. Things got interesting when a mini food fight between the couple resulted in Chana wearing a face full of mud cake.

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