St Kilda

Today was a rare treat. My mission was to walk around St Kilda and photograph stuff.

Making sure I started off with the ‘icons’, my first stop was Luna Park and the Palais Theatre. I cut across to the beach and made subjects of graffiti, rotting wood and seagulls before reaching the Lighthouse and Marina.

The weather had started off sunny, with bright blue sky but within a short time had come over cloudy (and a brief spell of rain). This suited me fine as I’m a huge fan of clouds. Clouds = soft lighting and no shadows

The plus side to this was that it looked like I had been shooting over two separate days.

Two icons of St Kilda: Luna Park and the Palais TheatreSt Kilda GrafittiRotting woodWood and Water: St KildaA dog chases a stick across St Kilda BeachSt Kilda Marina with the Light House in the distanceA bubbler doing what bubblers doSun breaking through the cloudsA seagull flying over St Kilda BeachSeagull overhead at St Kilda BeachThe Night Lights of Acland Street, St Kilda

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