The Wedding of Kirstie and Aaron Hayes

It was an extremely warm and sunny day as I headed off to shoot Kirstie and Aaron’s Wedding. I caught up with the boys at The Rydges Hotel, part of The Campbelltown Catholic Club. We goofed around up in the room for a bit before heading down to the lobby for a little more goofing. I then met the girls who were part way through hair and make-up.

The rest of the day was to be spent at the wonderful Macarthur Grange Country Club. After the ceremony we jumped in our Golf Buggies and hit the grass for a hour or so of photos before arriving back at the Club to kickstart the Reception.

kirstie&aaron_17kirstie&aaron_14kirstie&aaron_15Aaron and Peter with Justin Harwoodkirstie&aaron_11kirstie&aaron_12kirstie&aaron_18kirstie&aaron_13kirstie&aaron_19kirstie&aaron_16kirstie&aaron_28kirstie&aaron_30kirstie&aaron_20kirstie&aaron_21kirstie&aaron_09kirstie&aaron_25kirstie&aaron_26Kissing is allowedkirstie&aaron_22kirstie&aaron_07kirstie&aaron_02kirstie&aaron_33kirstie&aaron_06kirstie&aaron_08kirstie&aaron_03kirstie&aaron_05kirstie&aaron_27kirstie&aaron_01kirstie&aaron_04kirstie&aaron_32kirstie&aaron_10kirstie&aaron_24

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