The Wedding of Sarah and Damian, Corfu

With the formalities of Hens and Bucks Parties out of the way, it was time to get on with the main event, the Wedding.

The ceremony itself took place at the office of the local Mayor, a short stop for a few photos, then back to San Stefano and the Villa.

Everyone had a blast; Damian couldn’t wait to get out of his jacket, Thomas and Daisy were too cute for words and plenty of people cried. Buffet lunch was served by the pool, from then on it was a swim-fest.

I dragged both Sarah and Damian away from the action for a short spell to get some shots down at the beach, with cool results.

Sarah gets madethe ringsLee, Sarah, Damian and AlisonUp the cliffsThomas and DaisyDaisy the Flower-GirlThomas and DaisySarah and Terryhand in handDamo chugsDaisy cools offthe girlswindSarah, Damo and ChampersSarah on the rocksSarah and Damian splash outIn Silhouette

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