Damian’s Bucks Party

After a full day of pretty much bumming about I was ready for the Bucks Party. The events of the evening pretty much echoed that of the Hen’s Night, except the boys had to stay out longer than the girls (which we did by 1 hour). In the interest of good taste I have severely limited the amount of photos shown below. Be warned, you may be offended.

Damo VS DimitrisMikos prepares the shotsRock'N'RollDave belts it outLittle Bo Peep

One thought on “Damian’s Bucks Party

  1. Hi Simon Thanks for all you did, we think your a real trooper the way you partied hard and still managed to take great shots of all us loonies, can’t wait to see all the shots ( oh god not shots again!!!!) Thanks again, be happy m8

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