Sydney Smile Centre – Dr Ngo

Sydney Smile Centre (SSC) is a Dental Practice located in Sydney’s Burwood. It has the distinct honor of being the busiest practice I have ever visited (that said, apparently I was there on a quiet day!). SSC is owned by Dr Ngo (pronounced No) and his wife Tanya.

I was there on behalf of two clients; SSC themselves, who needed shots of staff for promotional materials and for Perfect Practice. Lester and the boys did a splendid job of completely refitting out the practice and needed shots for their own promotional items.

It was an extremely full on day, but the whole team seemed to have fun and we ended up with alot of good stuff.

It was extremely difficult to not make any James Bond/Dr No jokes and I’m pleased to say I held back.

Well, maybe.

The happy DentistDr Ngo vs ZoomPutting the 'smile' in Sydney Smile CentreSmooth and SmootherThe girls of Dr NgoThe Ngo Family

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