Madness – Luna Park Big Top, Sydney (26-03-09)

The Nutty Boys finally made it back to Sydney after an absence of 23 years. In Australia as part of the V Festival, Madness made time to have their own show at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park. The large room was packed solid and became a heaving mess by the time the guys stepped on stage and opened with One Step Beyond. Wearing trademark suits and dark glasses they pumped out hit after hit including Our House, The Sun and the Rain, House of Fun, Lovestruck and Baggy Trousers.

I was right at the front, almost flat against the barrier. My Nikon SLR’s had been busted by security at the gate and impounded (again), so I made use of the trusty Canon IXUS to get me through. The lighting made it difficult to focus and even with the ISO set to 1600 most of the photos were blurry (not to mention grainy). This wasn’t helped by the scores of people bouncing away to the music who bumped and pushed into me for most of the show. Not that I cared, Madness have been a favourite of mine since High School and the show was awesome.The Waiting......Lee Thompson and Chris ForemanCarl won't sit stillCarl gets accousticSuggs during 'The Return of The Los Palmas Seven'

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