Duran Duran, Sydney Entertaiment Centre (28th March 2008) – Flashback

The Boys from DD were back in Sydney to promote their latest offering, Red Carpet Massacre. They once again showed that age has not slowed them down, and performed an awesome show. I had been able to get floor tickets (7th Row), so I was right in the thick of it. As I had learnt from the Bowie concert, it was probably not wise to sneak my SLR in. The 400mm lens was still smashed anyway and I hadn’t anything with a good enough zoom. Except for my little old Canon Ixus. I am constantly surprised by the ability of little point and click cameras, and have learnt never under-estimate them. All these photos were shot on that camera and required very little touch-up work.

Photographic Tip: Shooting at Concerts

If you can, turn the flash off. Most flashes only have an effective range of a few metres. By not relying on the flash you can hope to capture the stage lighting as it was, without washing it out in white light. To avoid blurry images you may have to bump up the ISO. These were shot an ISO equivalent of 800. Don’t be afraid to take lots of shots; if you shoot 30-40 images and 1 turns out great, that’s a pretty good ratio.

Simon Le Bon in actionSimon welcomes SydneySimon Le Bon and John Taylor gettin' funkyNew Guitarist, Dom Brown

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