David Bowie: Reality Tour 2004 (Flashback)

Seeing as I am new to this Blogging thing I thought it might be nice to go back back and re-visit some shoots from way back. These will fall under the category of Flashback.

David Bowie’s Reality Tour came to Sydney in 2004 and was the first time I had managed to see him live. It was also the first time that I have ever had my camera confiscated. I did get it back at the end of the show but I was still miffed. My seat was about as far from the stage as it could have been, so luckily I had brought the Big Boy out for a play. The Mamiya 400mm lens (600mm digital) got in me in nice and close, though the sheer size of it got noticed quickly and out it went. The lens got smashed a few weeks later while on location shooting local movie Fink!

David Bowie Sydney 2004

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